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    _Ultima_ Management

    I was digging through my archives and i found this marble.
    I thought let me place it online again :)
    • anatoliy0813 Lava trusted

      It's unreal to see this forum back up after more than 5 years of being gone. I hope to see more old ablockz members coming back for a visit. Thanks _Ultima_ for bringing it back! There were a lot of great memories from this community.
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      _Ultima_ Management

      I closed everything to prevent replying to 5 years old stuff.
      Site seems to be broken here and there.. i got the avatars partially working again.

      It's weird to see that some users have changed their username. They reverted back to the steve avatar on the forum.
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      chrixter Lava OP

      Found myself randomly searching some old terms. Didn’t expect all of this to come through. Really does bring back memories haha

      Hope you all are doing well 5 years later!
      • Coaster144 Lava trusted

        Lots of memories were made here. I still miss lava survival